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University of California, San Diego; San Diego, CA

Potiker Theatre, 2020

Orestes 2.0 by Charles Mee

Directed by Joseph Hendel

Scenic Design by Miranda Friel

Costume Design by Natalie Barshow

Media Design by Elizabeth Barrett

Lighting Design by Mexley Couzin

Sound Design by Stephen Jensen


An Asylum in decay collaged by a pig-faced bellhop into sickly, dreamlike “Hotel California”- a Southern Californian institutional nightmare where "you can check out any time you like but you can never leave.” The production interrogates the coercive power structures that govern our lives, our complicity with them, and how, if possible, we can escape. Inspired by Dada art, this production collages together our loss of innocence, fetish with power, and our hope to overcome it all.

Orestes 2.0

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