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University of California, San Diego, 2022

Chris Perry Light Lab, San Diego, CA

Seven Deadly Sins

Composed by Kurt Weill

Libretto by Bertolt Brecht

Conceived by Natalie Barshow

Costume Design and Projection by Natalie Barshow

Lighting Design by Bryan Ealey


a penny sir for a body part

the devil’s playground, tis a fickle place 

my family needed a house in Louisiana


Anna I is a woman who has gone on a journey to survive. She was kicked out of her home because of her families beliefs. Her journey is one of desperation to survive but one of finding yourself, and the strength that can come from desperation.


This pieces was presented in two parts: a concept for the stage performance and an installation. The stage performance highlights the human journey of Anna I and her transformation. Anna II is only realized through mediation and projections. She is a memory of the journey Anna I had to go on. Please see the videos on this page that show proof of concepts for the use of projections in showing the transformations between the Annas and how it can possibly come together on-stage.


The installation uses costume, puppets, and projections to explore the embodiment of Anna. I was inspired by the work of Cindy Sherman, whose self portraits echoed the expression I was looking to find in Anna. I used myself as a model to find what the embodiment of this character meant and how she was effected by the journey. 

Seven Deadly Sins

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